Café bolle, Chinatown Sydney

Café bolle, chinatown sydney Danes coffee. 394 sussex st, sydney. Velour stools, tiles, neon: this place straddles the chinatown/sydney divide with part of its aesthetic coming from each. Staff are friendly, performing a quick upsize attempt, but cheerfully making me a regular decaf latte instead. Coffee is surprisingly good: the milk had been overheated a […]

Central Coffee Co, Central Station: sydney

Central coffee co, central station: sydney Campos Coffee. Near the intersection of Devonshire St and Chalmers St. A kiosk setting that squeezes in some outdoor seating near central station. Early morning buskers fill the air with jazz, somehow distracting from the din of peak hour trains nearby. Coffee is ready quite quickly, and is worthy […]

Crema Espresso bar, Sydney

Crema espresso bar, sydney Allpress Espresso. 37/51 Elizabeth St, Sydney. I spotted this out-of-the-way place only because I saw some people with Allpress cups floating around on the street nearby. The café itself is foodcourt- style, but with seating indoor and out. There are separate prices for eat in or takeaway, but all is ordered […]

Mecca Espresso, Circular Quay Sydney

Mecca espresso, circular quay Mecca espresso coffee. 1 Alfred St, Circular Quay. Open just a few weeks, this is another stall under a glass roof that’s open to the air. With a sandwich board and other signage indicating the high critical acclaim for the other Mecca (king st), this otherwise ordinary cafe immediately catches my […]

Blend on george espresso and sandwich bar, Circular Quay

Blend on george espresso and sandwich bar, circular quay Piazza D’oro coffee. 200-210 George St, Circular Quay. Two shops next to each other share the same signage. Coffee orders are shouted across the open space, along with order numbers: not the most tranquil place in the world! When your order is ready, you put the […]